Here's the answer found on another Zappa Forum:
Mofo2 (disc2) contains 7 tracks not present on MOFO4
2) Who Are the Brain Police? (mono single mix) (3:24) 
The mono single mix. Pretty similar to the stereo mix.

5) How Could I Be Such a Fool? (mono single mix) (2:11) 

11) Hungry Freaks Daddy (Basic Tracks) (3:26) 
Not from FZ's mono tape, according to the liner notes, 
but in mono (or very narrow stereo). 
The basic tracks, excluding various overdubs 
(lead guitar again, percussion, kazoo) and vocals. 

12) Help, I'm a Rock (1970 FZ Remix) (4:43)
Remixed by FZ and Stan Agol at the Record Plant, L.A., 
8 January 1970. 
It doesn't seem to differ too much from the standard 
stereo mix.

13) It Can't Happen Here (1970 FZ Remix) 3:58 
Remixed by FZ and Stan Agol at the Record Plant, L.A., 
8 January 1970. Well, this is different. 
Frank's "lead vocal" is buried in comparison with other 
mixes, with some of the previously inaudible backing 
vocals pushed to the forefront and some entirely new 
(to the mix, I guess) vocals brought up. 
Dig the "I'm not worried at all" at around 2:22. 
It also has the "push the shots" line included.

15) Watts Riot Demo/Fillmore Sequence (2:07)
The first part of this track is a demo of 
"Trouble Every Day," which the liner notes denote 
as being from the same demo sessions that spawned the 
material on Joe's Corsage. It's a bit muffled; it sounds 
as if it's been hit by a bit of noise reduction. 
It seems to be incomplete. We move next to a variation on 
"You Didn't Try To Call Me" and 
"Go Cry on Somebody Else's Shoulder" recorded live (!!!) 
at the Fillmore (!!!) in 1966 (!!!!).

16) Freak Out Zilofone (3:00)
>From the FZ reference tape. 
Clearly some sort of Help, I'm a Rock bit. Exciting!


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What is the difference between the 2 disc set and the 4 disc set ? Is there
stuff on the 2 disc not on the 4 disc ? 

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