Received this one from Conehead today (Thanks Conehead!)
I've got it copied and ready to pass on.
Michael Golub - Send me your address.
John K
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"New VO: FZ related - Project Object , 2CDs(Flac Format) CD Nr.10"
Source: Hi8 camera stereo > Replaytv 48000 hz > Vegas Video .wav
44000hz > Flac Frontend
Project Object are:
Napoleon Murphy Brock: Vocals, dancing, Sax, Flute
Ike Willis: Vocals, Guitar
André Cholmondeley: Vocals, Guitar
Dave Johnsen: Vocals, Bass
Eric Svalgard: Vocals, Keyboards
Glenn Leonard: Vocals, Drums
Set One;
01 Improvisation and Introductions
02 Titties And Beer
03 Andy
04 Inca Roads
05 Camarillo Brillo
06 Cheepnis
07 City Of Tiny Lights
08 Tmershi Duween
09 Florentine Pogen
10 Dumb All Over
Set Two;
11 Big Swifty
12 Filthy Habits
13 How Could I Be Such A Fool
14 I Aint Got No Heart
15 Im Not Satisfied
16 Wet Tshirt Nite
17 On The Bus
18 I Dont Wanna Get Drafted
19 Montana
20 Village Of The Sun
21 Echidnas Arf
22 Dont You Ever Wash That Thing
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