Still trying to track this one down.
The Ritz, Newyork November 17th 1981 

DISC ONE: 01. Treacherous  Cretins (fades in) 02. Montana 03. Easy Meat 04. 
You Are What You Is 05.  Mudd Clubb 06. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing 07. 
All Over 08. Heavenly  Bank Account 09. Suicide Chump 10. Jumbo Go Away 11. 
Envelopes 12. Drowning  Witch 13. What's New In Baltimore 14. Moggio 15. 
Bamboozled By Love 16.  Sinister Footwear 
DISC TWO: 01. Stevie's Spanking 02. Cocaine Decisions 03.  Nig Biz (fades 
04. Doreen 05. Goblin Girl (fades in) 06. Black Page #2  (q: Smoke on the 
Water) 07. Tryin' To Grow A Chin 08. Strictly Genteel 09.  Al DiMeola Intro 
Clownz On Velvet (world premier) with AL DIMEOLA on  guitar 11. Ride Like The 
Wind with AL DIMEOLA on guitar, BRIAN PETERS on  vocals 12. Zoot Allures 13. 
This Is My Story (fades in) 14. Whippin Post  (Reggae Post) 15. Watermelon In 
Easter Hay 

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