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I was just having a look at the Zappa on Youtube today when I came across 
the guitar duel between Frank and 'Lil Stevie from Rome 82.

This originally appeared on the VHS release "Video From Hell", btw (he noted 
for the sake of nothing in particular).

Essential viewing.......(does it come from the dub room special 
?),anyway,the solos are over 8 minutes long which suggests the same version 
which is on one of the Stage volumes is heavily edited.
Volume 4, btw.

Why couldn't Frank just have left it as it was ?
Um.. he did?
The length of that particular CD track is 10:51. The vocals end and the 
guitar soloing starts at about 2:25. I don't think the solos were edited down. 
However, the bridge where FZ solos before Vai's solo starts is different on the 
than in the video. Hence the first 2:45 or so of the YCDTOSA track is 
probably from somewhere other than Rome (but still from 1982), or else just 
little bridge is, and the whole rest of the track is from Rome.


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