Hi Group,
  Just wanted to introduce a 'newbie' to the group. What can I say? FZ has 
ruled my world for many many years, was able to see him live 5 times (certainly 
not enough), met Frank at the book signing for the 'Real FZ' book. I think I 
have around 75 FZ cd's (all commercial releasees), about 12 or so videos/dvds, 
7 or 8 books.... this man has always intrigued me. His brilliance and 
intellectual-ism inspires me to keep 'informed'. My favorite solo is probably 
on One Size....Inca Roads, or possibly The Squirm off of Apocrypha and now 
released on Trance fusion under a different name and different mix. Favorite 
quote has to be 'jazz isn't dead...."  Favorite period, that's a tough one. 
Most likely the period of Zoot, One Size, Hot Rats, but the Grand Wazoo and 
Lumpy Gravy hit the stereo quite often.
  Have to commend Dweezil for doing such an incredible job on bringing Frank's 
music out to the public again. I got the chance to see 4 of the shows and that 
wasn't enough. I'm looking forward to seeing more and to see what he comes up 
with next. I have to say, he is keeping the music, the atmosphere, the talent 
all  up to Frank's standard.....doing the music justice with the band he put 
together and with the fun they are having on stage. The last show at the 
Morongo just floored me. What a way to end the tour this past year!!
  And lastly, being new to the group, I see there is a vine on the ZPZ 
shows..... any chance of getting in this late? or the ability to do a trade 
with anyone? I'd like to relive some of these musical moments again.
  Thanks for listening!!!

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