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Any chance of starting a vine with your Rubber Slices CDR - I don't 
have a copy of this particular boot, so would be interested

I'd have to locate it in the mess that is the room where I keep my CDs (all 
my CDs are well-organized, it's the rest of the room and the "non-standard" 
CDs, which includes various CD-Rs from friends in various stages of playability 
that's the problem) and, assume the two discs of "Rubber Slices" will still 
play and copy Ok, I've no blanks to send out and start the vine with. Besides 
that, it's not that great of a show or that great of a recording. Maybe someone 
else here has the bootleg, or a better copy of the show (it's from Knebworth, 
September something or other 1978) and would want to vine that sumbitch up?

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