Official Release #80 
Released: April Fool's Day 2007 
Label: Vaulternative Records 
Catalog Number: VR 2007-1
Produced by Frank Zappa
01. Chunga’s Revenge 8:34
02. You Are What You Is 4:12
03. Mudd Club 3:02
04. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing 3:21
05. Cosmik Debris 3:50
06. Keep It Greasy 2:58
07. Tinsel Town Rebellion 4:19
08. Buffalo Drowning Witch 2:44
09. Honey, Don’t You Want A Man Like Me? 4:36
10. Pick Me, I’m Clean 10:15
11. Dead Girls Of London 3:02
12. Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously? 1:36
13. City Of Tiny Lites 9:58
01. Easy Meat 9:26
02. Ain’t Got No Heart 2:00
03. The Torture Never Stops 23:36
04. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes 3:39
05. I’m So Cute 1:38
06. Andy 8:14
07. Joe’s Garage 2:12
08. Dancing Fool 3:36
09. The “Real World” Thematic Extrapolations 8:53
10. Stick It Out 5:36
11. I Don’t Wanna Get Drafted 2:48
12. Bobby Brown 2:42
13. Ms Pinky 3:48
FZ: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Steve Vai: Stunt Guitar & Background Vocals
Ray White: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Ike Willis: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Tommy Mars: Keyboards & Vocals
Bob Harris: Keyboards, Trumpet & High Vocals
Arthur Barrow:* Bass & Vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums, Vocals
Music, Performance, Band & Recordings by Frank Zappa
Audience by Buffalo, New York
Album Notes:
CD Produced by Gail Zappa & Joe Travers
Vaultmeisterment by Joe Travers for UMRK 
Mix by Frank Filipetti at Right Track Studios, NYC
Master by John Polito, Audio Mechanics, Burbank, CA
Original Recording Engineer: George Douglas, the road
Art Direction/Concept & Text by Gail Zappa, de dew, down in 
Design, Layout & Art Execution by Keith Lawler
Cover Photo by Kaushal Parekh
Production Management, Prodding & Phonage by Melanie Starks
Assistance, Attention & shoppage by Sean Kurzweil & Antonio Guillen
* Special mention: Arthur was ironically unintentionally uncredited on 
Trance-Fusion (“Ask Dr. Stupid”) & p.s., check out his sterling performance on 
“Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow” on You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 1.
The Final Word:
This was recorded Live at the Memorial Auditorium on 25 October, 1980, in 
Buffalo, NY.
“Oh,” says George Douglas, “the panties and bra tour.” On the phone he is 
suddenly right there right now 26 years later. George recalls it as a 
particularly brutal experience - “it was snowing like crazy, the coldest place 
I’ve ever been.” And that mixing from the set up onstage(!) was “pretty 
rugged.” And yet, for him touring with Frank Zappa remains a highlight in his 
lifelong career in Sound – an “amazing adventure with FZ totally all about the 
Music.” In order to put the concert together in its entirety we (UMRK) went 
“warts ‘n all” style with the 3 sources that George had available to cover the 
show: 2” 24 Track Machine / 1” 8-Track Machine / one cassette board tape. All 
the multi-track master tapes had to be baked in the Utility Muffin Research 
Kitchen convection oven prior to transfer. All of the transfers were done at 
UMRK. We then sent everything on a hard drive to Frank Filipetti in New York.
Some of you might recall that this was the Crush All Boxes tour. This is what 
was printed in ominously stern lettering on the enormous rubbish bin in the 
parking lot behind the lawyers’ offices where and when we (FZ & me) were 
“doing” the information gathering for the Warner Brothers lawsuit. This is and 
was not fun. (We were seriously generating file boxes filled with files that if 
converted to papier mache would have been sufficient to pave Route 66 from here 
to St Louis and then to Buffalo and back. We were suffering from Deposition 
Dementia.) The admonition instantly made us laugh as it was such a stern 
reminder to relax and avoid locking in to all those around us who were steeped 
in the compartmentalization of the Universe its very Self. Some of the same of 
you might also remember that the Tinsel Town Rebellion herein is actually the 
prequel and an exceedingly different musical animal than the “original” 
contained in the eponymous album of 1981. Note also that the titles marked with 
a single asterisk were all new songs, unreleased at the time of this recording. 
This is the second of our Vaulternative live concert recordings (see, hear also 
FZ:OZ). In our efforts here at UMRK to provide you with the finest optional 
audio entertainment (in the universe) we deploy the inimitably-skilled tape 
trapper & trenchant trudger of the archivory coastal tundra, Joe Travers, to 
venture forth (where few are chosen but many have called) into the FZ sequin 
mines, dismote the ages and identify suitable nuggets for your aural 
excitation. A nugget of course is a significant artifact by virtue of being an 
unreleased composition, a special performance or arrangement, a thrilling 
example from a less-documented line-up, a rare recording, a highly nutritional 
trim &/or out, different edits or mixes - a special project, rehearsal, home 
recording or even a spoken gem such as an interview excerpt, a “build reel” or 
other ‘as-is’ (unadulterated by FZ or even by us) item, exquisite in quality, 
uniqueness or hotness anywhereanytimeanyplace (aka aaa – see also aaafnra: 
anything anytime anywhere for no reason at all), from the breadth & depth of 
FZ’s career in lifeasweknow it (lawki). 
Praise the l.o.r.d. (also a defined term: living on reproduceable data)! 
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