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I just ordered my copy too - such a long wait for it to get to the UK 
though :-(

Be patient Neil be patient

Indeed. I wish I had the money that I could order it right fucking now. 
"Tinseltown Rebellion" is one of my favorite albums (ever, and not just by 
and I *love* the few fall 80 shows I have on CD-R. One thing that thrills me 
about this release, aside from the fact that I'm sure it will contain some 
amazing guitar playing from FZ, is that it appears that "Tinseltown Rebellion" 
be the earlier arrangement with a more "rock" feel to the chorus. I think 
that's a cool arrangement, though I love the album version as well.
My birthday is in 3 days, I'm trying to see who amongst my friends will order 
it for me as a gift :c)

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