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Frank Zappa - Rock United Special
The Uncle Frankie Show "Premiered" on an United Airlines in flight 
audio program in January of 2003. Primarily made up of a radio show 
FZ had done out of Claremont College in the 1960's mixed with some 
tracks put in by the Vault and some suggested by Dweeizl. Diva and 
Ahmet as DJs....

I actually listened to that earlier today. There's some otherwise unreleased 
stuff in it, including material from "I Was A Teenage Maltshop" (which is 
decidedly better than bootleg quality), a complete performance of "Cosmik 
from the Petit Wazoo and what sounds to be an earlier / alternate mix of 
"Scumbag", and a some of a performance of "Pound For A Brown" from 1969 at The 
Factory in the Bronx.
The description on the page appears to be a little bit inaccurate given that 
Diva says in the audio program that FZ assembled the "radio program" in 1973.

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