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Frank Zappa Beat Club and TV Studio Paris 68 
So I’ve had this Torrent up on dime for over a year now. Today a guy leaves 
this comment. Can anyone that knows more than me either confirm or deny his 
claim. Did I send you this one Milhouse?    
Very good.  Nice to finally hear Frank singing falsetto during "Gas Mask."

There's an issue with the track list.  They are not playing anything from 
"Lohingren" after "Gas Mask."  They are playing "Ride of The Valkyries" from 
Wagner's "Die Walkuer."


I think I do have the Beat Club appearance on a VCD or a DVD-R (of the French 
tv appearance, I have "The String Quartet" but not "Octandre", as I recall.) 
Without watching it, I kind of doubt FZ is doing the falsetto, as that was 
pretty much Roy's department, but as for the other thing, I'd really have to 
watch it to verify it. Perhaps I will later and see if I can tell you anything.

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