The Gotan Project's Chunga has been played several times on NPR's Market  Place 
over the past year.   I wish MP or NPR in general would offer some (Frank) 
Zappa played Zappa from time to time.
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  I think it´s Gotan Project,  some kind of electronic tango. They did make a 
disk called La revancha del Tango (Tango´s Revenge) covering the well known 
Zappa´s Chungas Revenge. 

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  Don't ask me why I was going to this site...but 
  out the music on the opening page. I was quite


  oh wait seems there's at least three random tunes 
  come up. Wait till you get one with an 'o so 
  bass line. You should recognize it almost 

  PS can anyone tell what the (Italian?) gentleman is on
  about in the backround? Perhaps, " I'm using the
  chicken to measure your Mama."?

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