Yes ,
  Tulsa was a great show indeed. It's too bad it was not taped as far as I 
know. One of the highlites for me was the unreleased footage of a alternate 
take of Cosmik Debris from the KCET 1974 FZ event shown on the screen. One of 
the best performances of that song IMHO, it's too bad it's not out there for 
all to see.Open da vault one mo again please!!
John Gobetz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
            Howdy all---OK, I'd like to jump onboard this ride---these guys are 
really good---I saw the ZPZ show in Tulsa a few weeks ago & it was great---Ray 
White turned in a fine performance, also---thanks Chris, for providing this 
cool set---john g in kansas
  >robertsmith"<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>>john g in kansas [EMAIL PROTECTED]>>
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  From: chris 
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  Subject: [Zappa-List] ZPZ 4 show on 1 DVD(FLAC Format) Vine

      Okay folks, You all know the rules( I hope!), Carlos was the first to 
respond with address so it goes out to him in  Portugal.
  With Kevin next in line.So you all need to email each other in the vine order 
once you receive this and pass it on to them.
  I will be mailing this out tomorrow!
  Enjoy and here's the way to add your selfs to the vine please.
  Thanks and have a great day!
  <<Carlos,[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>>Kevin, [EMAIL PROTECTED] >>>robert smith" 

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"Music is The Best!"
             Frank Zappa
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