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I've just heard from Robert (last person known to have the discs) and he's sending them along.


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> Okay, I took the time - that I did not have; hey, who needs a
paycheck, right? We're talking Zappa here - to see what the fuck went
> Here's the last vine list I could come up with: << Phil Lee - UK
philngill@ << Jonnington - UK jonathan.ritch@ << skull_fk - UK
davidswift@ << Robert Smith (US) << Joe Boden New Zealand
(joseph.boden@) << Matt (?) << ??
> Joe's response below states that it never made it to New Zealand.
There were posts from David Swift for Glen Young, but Glen had the
set, so Robert Smith was supposedly the last member to receive said
> Is Robert reading this? Hello Robert? Did you receive this vine from
David Swift?
> If not - why? If so, why did it stop with you?
> And Matt, it looks like plotch12 has it and is willing to trade for
> Again, sorry folks, but I've sent this vine out twice - and there
will be no 3rd time from me...

Ok I still have an extra set of disc images backed up on DVD data
discs. Two discs hold the whole thing plus a couple of bonus shows.
These are bin/cue disc image files that can be easily burned with Nero
or Roxio or Sonic or the free Burnatonce software I included on the
discs. The images were made from the original audio CD vine discs
provided for initial distribution on the first MITB vine. A DVD burner
is not required to use these discs as they are audio CD images but a
DVD rom drive in your PC is to read them. I'm willing to mail these
master backup discs to New Zealand if thats the next stop and Joe can
use them. Send me your address Joe.

Jim L

Dr. Joe Boden
Christchurch Health and Development Study
University of Otago, Christchurch


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