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I just got a notice from saying the ZPZ DVD was available in the 
subject line. When I tried to open the letter it came up blank. I've tried 
repeatedly but it only comes up blank. Is it just me? I went to & it 
doesn't list the DVD yet, so no help there. I'm ready to order this sucka!

The content of the e-mail is a picture, not just plain text... perhaps you 
have images blocked in your e-mail or something. The DVD is available at the 
Barfko-Swill online store.. I followed the link that was in the e-mail.. but 
maybe it's not listed and clickable anywhere else on the site yet.
I want to buy it, too, but I just shelled out the almost $40 for the AWESOME 
"Wazoo" cd, so I'm not in a huge hurry to scoop this one up.. if it was 
another genuine FZ of any kind, I probably would have already placed the 
order.. :P

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