It appears to be sold out. I had to call to get my money back because they sent 
me two disc 2's & no disc 1's. Watching eBay hoping someone has downloaded it 
to their computer & is interested in getting rid of the hard copy. I'm not very 
optimistic at this point. Welcome newbie!


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Subject: [Zappa-List] RE: ZPZ dvd ( Hi from a newbie )

Hi all! Been a fan of Frank and family since I was a kid. Slowly 
working on my collection of FZ material, fortunately there is plenty 
to go around. 

First question... Does anyone know why the ZPZ DVD is no longer listed 
on Barfko-Swill? I had put off buying it until the show in Houston, 
which I missed because of work-type related circumstances beyond any 
One individual's relevant control. Now, it is not listed on the 
website, and of course, the online store moderators don't seem have a 
clue. Any idea why?

Thanx, Cliff


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