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Jim I tried to send a message to the group letting you and the people next
on the list know that I received the discs and will be sending them on. For
some reason my messages keep bouncing back so I'm not able to notify the
group directly. Thanks.


Mr. Skull


Jim L (US) << 

For any of you that didn't get this already. You need to be able to copy a
DVD disc for this one. It also helps if you have a DVD player that can play
a PAL disc on your NTSC TV if you're in the US. Just sign up and I will
hoppinate before sending out next week. Oh buy the way this is concert is
fantastic and the quality of this DVD is very high. 

----------------- details -------------------

Frank Zappa / Ensemble Modern 
The Yellow Shark 
Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany 
17 sept 1992 
1h 29mn 22s (trailer + intro: 2mn) 

Recording & encoding by CosmikD 
TV sat > SkyStar2 > DVBDream > PVAStrumento > TMPGEnc Plus > Synchro with
TVP audio source. 
Video (Classica source): DVD PAL MPEG-2 720x576 25 i/s CBR 6000kbps 
Audio (TVP Kultura source): 48000 Hz 384 Kb/s) 

Authoring & animation by unicrayon 

Menu with Chapters: 

1. Classica Trailer 
2. Overture 
3. Dog/Meat 
4. Outrage at Valdez 
5. Times Beach II 
6. III (Revised) 
7. Magnesium Dress 
8. Be-Bop Tango 
9. Food Gathering 
10. Ruth is Sleeping 
11. Amnerika 
12. None of the Above pt1 
13. Pentagon Afternoon 
14. Times Beach III 
15. Welcome to the United States 
16. Pound for a Brown 
17. Get Whitey 
18. G-Spot Tornado 

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