Already signed it thanks to Dr. Dot on MySpace - post this everywhere Zappa 
fans gather - word should get out about this petition.


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Hey all,

You may or may not be aware of this but in recent weeks, the ZFT have been 
sending Cease 
& Desist letters to fansites (, little youtube fan clips), 
tribute bands 
(Project/Object, among others) and Zappa festivals (the much acclaimed German 
festival at Bad Doberan). The ZFT is apparently on a misguided mission to shut 
down any 
organisation out there promoting the music of Frank Zappa. We're not talking 
about people 
who sell bootlegs or put up official releases for download -- for free. We're 
talking about 
genuine fans whose only interest is to keep the musical legacy of FZ alive.

Please take a moment to read the following petition:

... and if you agree with its content, sign it why don't you. There's a huge 
bunch of pissed off 
fans out there, and we need to make sure GZ notices...



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