It's cool. No ffense taken. My response was not intended to be nasty, I just 
was trying to get across that I've lived my life in a bit of a bubble when it 
comes to Zappa. The only other person I know who is serious about Frank is my 
wife. Even the guy who turned me onto Frank in High School eventually "got over 
him" whatever in the hell that means. 

Yes, humor belongs in e-mail groups, like music. But without facial 
expressions, tove of voice and vcal inflection we tend to misinterpret each 
  Hello Mr (or is this  the Mrs?) Skull,
  I apologize if my question appeared accusatory- I did not mean that at all.  
On most of the Zappa related groups I've gone to there are many questions asked 
in jest that appear to be serious (Does Humor belong in an Email group?)  
Sometimes a very esoteric reference will be made just to see what responses it 
will provoke.  
  Again, I meant no insult but I was truly wondering if you were serious.
                      Marc (who is also merely a Zappa fan)
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    Again, I've always known him as Napoleon Murphy Brock. Maybe i'm just not 
hip enough to be "in" on this, seeing as how I'm merely a Zappa fan. Don't care 
about ZPZ's, Project Object etc. I just like Frank and what he did so I may be 
a bit of a clueless outsider.
      Are you serious about this question?  
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        Who the hell is this Nappy person anyhow?
          All I know is that Nappy was origianlly penciled in for this past 
          tour but something must have happened because he said "he couldn't 
          a deal with the devil (GZ). That was why they got Ray White.

          --- In, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
          > I read a hint of something not fully explained on a web site saying 
          that the ZFT had done Nappy wrong - could someone possibly clue me in?
          > Concerned for Nappy,
          > David
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