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Great, the "R" word has reared its ugly head, so let me apologize for using 
the term in the first place.

Ok, let's not get too Ridiculous here (another important "R" word.)
Fans and even band members have used the affectionate diminutive "Napi" or 
"Nappy" for Napoleon Murphy Brock for a long time. I refer you to the first 
and place I ever heard or saw it used, in "A Definitive Tribute to Frank 
Zappa" special magazine published by the Guitar Player magazine group circa 
This quote, from an interview with Peter Wolf, originally published in 
Keyboard Magazine in 1980.
Q: Were there any particular weak points in the band when you were with Frank?
Wolf: The one thing that was not very strong in our band was the vocal part. 
[Guitarist] Adrian Belew and [drummer] Terry Bozzio could sing some, but that 
was it. Tommy could sing some backup, but there was not one guy in the band 
who was a monster lead singer like Nappy [Brock] was.

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