F*cking indeed.
  Anyone else think Frank is probably rolling in his grave?

  Jim L

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  I found this article that most likely is related, if not the incident that 
started her recent rampage.



  Frank Zappa's Wife Threatens Musicians' Collective; Fan Club Responds

  July 25, 2007



  This Saturday, the city of Berlin will dedicate a street to the memory of 
Frank Zappa. But Gail Zappa, wife of the late rock iconoclast, has threatened 
to sue the musicians' collective behind the naming unless Germany's 
formally-chartered Zappa fan club withdraws from the event.


  A letter from a Dusseldorf law firm accuses Arf-Society e.V. (the fan club) 
of exploiting the street dedication for its own purposes, and of copyright 
violations and other rights infringements. The letter also contends that Gail 
Zappa did not know about the street-naming, and that she should have been 
contacted for approval.


  In response, Thomas Dippel, Arf-Society chairperson, released the following 

  "With great dismay and surprise, Arf-Society - organizer of biggest known 
Zappa festival in the world for the last 18 years - must take note of Gail 
Zappa's effort to prevent our participation in the inauguration of 
Frank-Zappa-Street in Berlin.


  "How this all came about: Acting on a proposal by the ORWOhaus musicians' 
collective, the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district board approved renaming 'Road 13' 
as 'Frank-Zappa-Strasse', the first street in Germany named for a rock 
musician. This major recognition of Frank pleased us greatly, of course. We 
immediately contacted ORWOhaus to assure them of our help in any way we could.


  "When Ahmet Zappa [Zappa's second son] was in Berlin on November 6, 2006, 
publicizing his first book, members of ORWOhaus invited him to take part in the 
preparations and the event itself. By making contact with the Zappa family, 
ORWOhaus hoped to spark a dialog about plans for the event. The family never 
responded to these overtures.


  "So, Arf-Society began to help by contacting Zappa tribute band 'Sheik 
Yerbouti', and by arranging the participation of Napoleon Murphy Brock, revered 
Zappa band member and star of last year's Zappa Plays Zappa tour. In fact, 
Arf-Society is paying half of Mr. Brock's travel expenses, which enables 
ORWOhaus to put a serious representation of Zappa's music on stage for the 
celebration, despite a very limited budget.


  "But then ORWOhaus received a letter from Thomas Schmitz, of the Dusseldorf 
law firm Reiman Osterreith Kohler Haft, dated July 10, 2007, saying that they 
were retained to represent the legal interests of Gail Zappa and her children 
after press releases saying that Arf-Society would be involved in the 
street-naming. Gail Zappa would sue because Arf-Society 'is constantly 
violating her trademark rights and copyrights, and exploiting the artistic 
heritage of Frank Zappa. Our client will under no circumstances put up with 
that Society taking publicity from the street renaming for their own purpose.'


  "These groundless accusations hurt us deeply, as we have strived for almost 
two decades to honor and preserve Frank Zappa's musical heritage. Long before 
2004, we repeatedly invited Gail Zappa and her family to work together with us, 
especially since they would profit from our work promoting Frank's legacy. Yet, 
Gail Zappa's only answer reads:  'If you want to play with me, you have to play 
it by my rules!' She has also threatened other Zappa tribute bands and artists 
with restraining orders for quite some time."


  "Mrs Zappa, we protest explicitly against the unwarranted claims you raised. 
As Frank would have asked, are you 'only in it for the money?'"



  Dwayne Jones


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  as i understand it. gail zappa is a real bitch. she sorta reminds me of 
hillary clinton

  mr_and_mrs_skull <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 

    Who the hell is this Nappy person anyhow?

      All I know is that Nappy was origianlly penciled in for this past years 
      tour but something must have happened because he said "he couldn't make 
      a deal with the devil (GZ). That was why they got Ray White.

      --- In Zappa-List@yahoogroups.com, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
      > I read a hint of something not fully explained on a web site saying 
      that the ZFT had done Nappy wrong - could someone possibly clue me in?
      > Concerned for Nappy,
      > David
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