Napoleon is the man. He's part of the reason I love that NMB\Ruth\tom\George 
Duke\Chester line up more than others. It's my favorite Zappa configuration. 

Flo and Eddie!? Fuckabuncha Flo and Eddie, it's Napoleon man.

And to think I never knew he was called "Nappy"...
  About 2 or 3  years ago I got a chance to talk to Napoleon at a 
Project/Object concert in Baltimore.  It was an enjoyable conversation; he 
talked about healthy foods- various milk shakes, lots of vegetables- his 
"BALLS"cd, and he even launched into an impromptu "Room Service" routine, 
egging me on to join him as the Frank part of it.  That was a real treat for 
  I also asked him if he had any news on the Roxy video release and he said 
that he had bveen in contact with Gail and that the movie was going to be 
released (his words)  "Real Soon, it's coming out real soon, about 2 or 3 
  My guess is that is what he was told, but that obviously did not happen.
  If anyone reading this has never seen Napoleon perform and you do get an 
opportunity you should make it a point to go.  The man works harder than most 
performers I have seen.  He is non-stop stage action and he really puts his 
whole heart and soul into a performence.  I was lucky to see him sometime in 
the 70's and considrer myself fortunate to get a chance to talk to him when I 
  Ike Willis was also at that show and the band was tight.

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