It's really a one disc show but offered in a variety of formats.


1.    DVD-R DVD video PAL format (the original)

2.    DVD-R DVD video NTSC (north American native format) for people that
can't play PAL on the home theatre system.

3.    CDR with high quality XviD AVI file. (suitable for PC and some stand
alone players) Can be copied by all. 


Jim L

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There are three (3) discs in this set.

> I've been slowed down. Tried to copy the discs and found that i need 
to get DVD-R discs. So Between that and tending my nine week old 
daughter, I've been slowed down. 
> Anyone here who has kids gets this. I'll get the discs shortly and 
then send them on. 
> My apologies.
> Mr. Skull

Thanks for the heads up. What is the total number of DVDs that are 
being passed around in this FZ-YS batch?

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