Yes the PAL is better but the NTSC is not bad. The audio quality is probably
best (lossless PCM) on the PAL while the conversion software only offered
Dolby Digital AC3 sound for the output on the NTSC. Even the AVI file is
very good with its VBR mp3 high bitrate sound. The quality of the original
PAL disc being so far above average was why I decided to go ahead and create
some conversions. If you can play a PAL disc though it's the one to have. Or
maybe copy all three with discs being so cheap now.


Jim L

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> It's really a one disc show but offered in a variety of formats.
> 1. DVD-R DVD video PAL format (the original)
> 2. DVD-R DVD video NTSC (north American native format) for people 
> can't play PAL on the home theatre system.

Is the quality the same on both the PAL and NTSC or is the PAL version 


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