BerichtIt was in a Guitar Player magazine interview if memory serves. I 
probably still have it as I NEVER throw out anything 'Frank'. But it wasn't 
about his music, it was about Miles Davis as a person. He recalled going to see 
Miles in the early Sixties and went to meet him after the show. He relates 
walking up to MD to introduce himself and shake Miles' hand. According to 
Frank, after saying something along the lines of 'Mr. Davis, my name is Frank 
Zappa and I enjoyed your show' etc Miles turned his back on FZ and completely 
ignored\snubbed him. Frank goes on to say how this stuck with him and he made 
sure to never treat his fans this way. 

Hope that clears things up.

Mr. Skull
   >  Wouldn't have ever happened. FZ expressed his extreme dislike of Miles on 
at least one occasion I can recall. 

  Really? Any idea why or what period of Miles' music he was referring to?

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