How would that make her liberal?  


And it clearly says on the bottle "This Art, Kill Ugly Radio & the marks
Zappa, FZ, and The Mothers are used WITH! Permission of the Zappa Family
Trust. Word"

This is an official licensed and tasty product.



Dwayne Jones


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 why am i not surprised gail zappa wants the brewery to stop producing fz

  that broad is just another typical liberal democrate. 

myoozik770 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Lagunitas 'sponsored' us on the last tour with 20 cases of Kill Ugly 
Radio Beer... ill post a picture of Ike making the toast... its 
pretty good and saving one autographed bottle for display... i also 
heard that Gail contacted the brewery and sent them a letter saying 
she wanted them to stop making FZ brew...


Christoffer Heggem <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> --- robert smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Just want everyone to be aware that lagunitas
> > brewing company has released it's 3rd Zappa beer to
> > date. This one is the Lumpy Gravy ale. Sadly, I
> > missed out on the 2nd beer (Kill Ugly Radio)
> I've just heard about that brand, too; it's a pretty
> amusing concept, really. :)
> .."Kill Ugly Radio," however, is a fucking horrible
> bear-name, In my opinion. ;) - "Lumpy Gravy" is cool,
> though, [..and could easily have been attributed
> (literally) to a couple of other beers I won't
> mention, but that's a whole other thing..]
> -Drink responsively.
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