on zappa YCDTOSA Volume 6...L. Shankar plays electric violin on a song called 13

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         2008 Feb Zappa plays Zappa, Tokyo Show

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        Kon ban wa, Yuki-san,
  So no taituru-wa, shiramasen. Gomenasai!
  Itsu no ZPZ Tour, desuka?
  Yuroshiku domo,
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Does anyone know a title of a music that like a India music before a ZPA show 

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  Was there an attachment or a URL link that was deleted in that message?
I would guess that the first woman on the moon would be Alice Cramden
am I correct?
  There was a picture in it, and you would be correct. Someone has been posting 
a few goofy forwarded e-mail type things to the froup for some reason, don't 
ask me why.. *slight eye-roll*

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