Partly in order to receive any interesting post at all (please don't put the
CDs in an envelope with a window and bank statement reminding me that the
world banking crisis doesn't bother me since I don't have enough money in
the first place to be in any danger) and partly in order to be a part of the
community and partly to have some lovely Frank Zappa turn up out of the
blue, I'll leap onto this vine please R2.
So, Euro vine now goes.
Ashley (UK) >>>  ????
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The US Leg of this is going sooo slowly, I'm tempted.
But I will try to maintain patience.
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Subject: [Zappa-List] Lather 4 CD Euro vine

thanks to Bart from Poland, I have this vine to reoffer.

Nobody in waiting, so the 1st to email and pledge to reoofer will get
this magnificent piece of modern compository achievement.



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