Dwayne, the Lather vine consists of a needledrop of the promo LPs, so it doesn't have Frank as DJ or anything else. The sound is arguably better than the officially released version, apart from some audible inner groove distortion at the end of sides.


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> Hey Max,
> Once you do that, will you either remove yourself & Joe Boden (NZ)
from the US leg, or let me know so I can do it?
> Thanx!

I have a question about this Lather 4-CD set. Is there anything in this
set that features stuff not found elsewhere - such as does it feature
FZ as guest DJ on KROQ as he played all of Lather on radio?

Different mixes, edits, etc? The sosurce is from bootleg vinyl? I've
lost track between what this has to offer compared to all of the
official releases (Lather, etc)....thanks for your help.

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