Would Frank and son have collaborated on some great music or what??

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  It's something to think about - where Frank's music might've been
  today - fifteen years - the distance travelled from Freak Out! to Shut
  up `n' Play Yer Guitar, or from Over-Nite Sensation to Broadway the
  Hard Way, or from Sheik Yerbouti to Civilization Phaze III - just
  imagine what these last fifteen years might have been... Yellow Shark
  to... who can possibly know...

  I was thinking the very same. One thing for sure, Frank would have
  been at the forefront of music downloads. And of this writing, he
  would have come up with some entirely new method of music delivery. 

  I'll raise a cup of tea to Frank's memory today.

  A cup of tea is not my cup of tea, so I'll toast Frank with a coffee
  to my co-workers, and later I'll hoist a flagon of ale to the man's
  shade while I soak in his music.


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