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Today's the day for Baltimore Zappatistas
  Laura Vozzella 
  December 21, 2008 
Frank Zappa has a friend in high places, which is why today is Frank Zappa Day 
in Baltimore. 

The late musician was born in Baltimore on Dec. 21, 1940, but never rated a 
government proclamation in his hometown until August 2007. 

The official reason for Baltimore's first Frank Zappa Day: His eldest son, 
Dweezil, was performing Dad's music in town.

The real reason: Jeanette Garcia Polasky works in City Hall.

She is Mayor Sheila Dixon's deputy director of correspondence and constituent 
services. She is also a rabid Zappa fan who doesn't even have to think about it 
when asked to name her favorite song: "Dog Breath Variations."

She doesn't consider herself a Zappa expert but says she's married to one, 
composer Jacob Polasky.

This year Frank Zappa Day was rescheduled to fall on his birthday.

"And we're going to continue it every year, at least as long as I'm around," 
Jeanette Polasky said.

Is Dixon a fan?

Spokesman Ian Brennan said he wasn't sure if there was any Zappa on the mayoral 

"I think she had said when talking about it last year, this was good for 
Baltimore like anything else. Like we celebrate CabCalloway."

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