Jeffrey Kauffman reviews:

"It may sound odd that someone growing up in the relatively insular  
climes of Utah would be so well-versed in Frank Zappa's music, but for  
those of us who were acquainted with the Fowlers (Tom plays bass,  
Bruce trombone, Walt trumpet), following the exploits of at least this  
particular iteration of the Zappa band was a little like old home week  
mixed with a potent dose of "we knew them when." Though I personally  
first got to know Zappa's music from the mid-1970s on, I then started  
working backwards through his vast catalog, discovering a wealth of  
provocative and frequently insane (and insanely funny) material that  
the master had recorded in the 1960s. This superb two hour-plus  
British documentary gives an in-depth look at the formative years of  
Zappa's startling career in the music business."

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