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Lumpy Gravy (Primordial) C & P 2008 ZFT
FZ's Original Orchestral Edit for Capitol Records.
Original tracking sessions at Capitol Studios, Produced by Nick Venet
Mono Version, 4-Track Master Tape Sequence
Source: ¼" Analog – Master Tape T-2719 dated 19 May 1967.
  1.  I Sink Trap   2:45
  2.  II Gum Joy   3:44
  3.  III Up & Down   1:52
  4.  IV Local Butcher   2:36
  5.  V Gypsy Airs   1:41
  6.  VI Hunchy Punchy   2:06
  7.  VII Foamy Soaky   2:34
  8.  VIII Let's Eat Out   1:49
  9.  IX Teen-Age Grand Finale   3:30
tt: 22:37
We're Only In It For The Money  C & P 1968 ZFT
1968 Original Mono Mix, Produced by Frank Zappa.
This is NOT a fold-down mix from stereo to Mono. This is a separate
discreet mono mix
created by FZ with Dick Kunc in 1968.
Source: ¼" Analog Master
10.  Are You Hung Up?   1:26
11.  Who Needs The Peace Corps?   2:32
12.  Concentration Moon   2:22
13.  Mom & Dad   2:16
14.  Telephone Conversation   :49
15.  Bow Tie Daddy   :33
16.  Harry, You're A Beast   1:21
17.  What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?   1:02
18.  Absolutely Free   3:26
19.  Flower Punk   3:03
20.  Hot Poop   :26
21.  Nasal Retentive Calliope Music   2:03
22.  Let's Make The Water Turn Black   1:58
23.  The Idiot Bastard Son   3:22
24.  Lonely Little Girl   1:10
25.  Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance   1:34
26.  What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? (Reprise)   :58
27.  Mother People   2:31
28.  The Chrome Plated Megaphone Of Destiny   6:23
tt: 39:15
This Disc:  Mastering & Audio Restoration engineer - John Polito,
TT: 61:52

Lumpy Gravy  C 1968 P 2008 ZFT
1984 UMRK Remix
Although this version was never released, FZ did include a track
entitled Lumpy Gravy (Excerpt)
in a promotional disc for The Old Masters, Box One.  All 3:01 of it is
here.  This promo disc
was serviced to radio station program directors.  Lucky them.
Source: 1630 Digital Master
  1.  Lumpy Gravy - Part One   15:57
  2.  Lumpy Gravy - Part Two   17:15
tt: 34:12
We're Only In It For The Money  C 1968 P 1986 ZFT
1984 UMRK Remix, originally released on CD, 1986
Source: 3324 Digital Master
  3.  Are You Hung Up?   1:30
  4.  Who Needs The Peace Corps?   2:35
  5.  Concentration Moon   2:17
  6.  Mom & Dad   2:16
  7.  Telephone Conversation   :49
  8.  Bow Tie Daddy   :33
  9.  Harry, You're A Beast   1:22
10.  What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?   1:03
11.  Absolutely Free   3:28
12.  Flower Punk   3:04
13.  Hot Poop   :29
14.  Nasal Retentive Calliope Music   2:03
15.  Let's Make The Water Turn Black   1:45
16.  The Idiot Bastard Son   3:17
17.  Lonely Little Girl   1:12
18.  Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance   1:35
19.  What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? (Reprise)   :57
20.  Mother People   2:31
21.  The Chrome Plated Megaphone Of Destiny   6:26
tt 40:12
Produced by Frank Zappa
This Disc:  Mastered by Bernie Grundman, 2008.
TT:  74:24

LUMPY MONEY - Disc Three
All FZ recordings were transferred from original 2-Track analog tapes
except tracks 4
through 6 & 13.  All titles C & P 2008 except as noted.
  1.  How Did That Get In Here?   25:01
Recorded on Sunday, 13 February 1967 at Capitol (Original multi-track
masters are
currently not in evidence.) This is an FZ construction. Small excerpts
from this material
appear in FZ's Masterwork, Lumpy Gravy.  Source:  ¼" stereo mixdown.
  2.  Lumpy Gravy "Shuffle"   :30
Recorded 21 February 1969 at The New School, NYC, during FZ
   3.  Dense Slight   1:42
Lumpy Gravy Building Block by FZ.
  4.  Unit 3A, Take 3   2:24
  5.  Unit 2, Take 9   1:10
  6.  Section 8, Take 22   2:39
Tracks 4-6 recorded for Lumpy Gravy 14 March 1967 at Capitol.  Mixed
from the original
4-Tracks by Joe Travers, UMRK, 2008.
  7.  "My Favorite Album"   :59
Interview excerpt, 22 October 1971, KBEY- FM, Kansas City.
  8.  Unit 9   :41
In Lumpy Gravy, this piece is VSO-controlled by FZ.  Recorded at
Capitol Records.
  9.  N. Double A, AA   :55
Lumpy Gravy Building Block by FZ.
10.  Theme From Lumpy Gravy  [© 1991]   1:56
Note:  In Lumpy Gravy this piece is VSO-controlled by FZ.  Recorded &
mixed by FZ
at Studio Z, Cucamonga.
11.  "What The Fuck's Wrong With Her?"   1:07
West Village Apt. NYC, working on Lumpy Gravy, late 1967.
12.  Intelligent Design   1:11
Alternate FZ building block of the
Note:  Includes the famously censored line infamously deleted by MGM
from the
Masterwork.  Recorded at Mayfair.

13.  Lonely Little Girl (Original Composition - Take 24)   3:35
>From the original 8-Track Masters recorded at Mayfair.  Mixed by Joe
Travers at UMRK 2008.
14.  "That Problem With Absolutely Free"   :30
Interview, Mixed Media, Detroit, 13 November 1967.
15.  Absolutely Free (Instrumental)   3:59
16.  Harry, You're A Beast (Instrumental)   1:16
17.  What's The Ugliest Part of Your Body? (Reprise/Instrumental)
18.  Creationism   1:11
Recorded during the "Money" sessions, Mayfair, 6 September 1967.
19.  Idiot Bastard Snoop   :47
Mayfair Studios 1967, Vocal Overdub session snippet as-is.
20.  The Idiot Bastard Son (Instrumental)   2:48
21.  "What's Happening Of The Universe"   1:37
Interview with David Silver, Boston, 1969.
22.  "The World Will Be A Far Happier Place"   :21
Recorded at Mayfair.
23.  Lonely Little Girl (Instrumental)   1:26
24.  Mom & Dad (Instrumental)   2:16
25.  Who Needs The Peace Corps? (Instrumental)   2:51
26.  "Really Little Voice"   2:28
Recorded during the Money sessions, Mayfair Studios 1967.
27.  Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (Instrumental)   1:24
28.  Lonely Little Girl - The Single [C P 1967]   2:45
Released prior to the album in November, 1967.  Curiously, FZ
considered this thoroughly
discrete construct (yes, that's right, this is a collage) potentially
29.  "In Conclusion"   :25
Recorded at Mayfair.
TT:  71:54
All Music produced/composed & performed/conducted by Frank Zappa.
This Disc:  Mastering & audio restoration engineer - John Polito,

LUMPY MONEY Compiled & Produced by Gail Zappa & Joe Travers
All Musics & Recordings from the Vault
Vaultmeisterment by Joe Travers for UMRK, 2008
Liner notes by David Fricke
Original Art Direction by NT&B (FZ)
Conceptual & Continuous Stuff & Text by GZ
Production Manager: Melanie Starks
Solar Dominance by Jupiter
Cover Art, Package Design & Layout by Michael Mesker
FZ Portrait Photo by Linda McCartney
All Art Elements from the Vault & courtesy ZFT Archives
Very Special thanks with nod of head & hand over heart to:  Tom Wilson
& Nick Venet for
moving in mysterious ways.
Special thanks to:  Hans Bohlmeijer for being special & Capitol
Records for the Return of the Vault
Masters (go back and read that again like a 1950's movie ad for a King
of the MONSTERS tribute) &
a Special Sleuth Merit Badge for Inventorial Service Beyondo to David
K Teddes;  Capitol Records for
the courtesy window on their Photo Archives of the Lumpy Gravy
sessions & Greg Parkin
Thanks again to:  Eric Pallone at Shorewood/ Karen Stone & Rick
Goldman at CDS/ Marilyn, Matt,
Nick & everyone at Shorefire
More than can be said in one place to:  all the usual suspects
including Art Kelm, Richard Land-
ers, Keith Lawler, Owen Sloane, David Fricke, Andrew Tenenbaum, Eva
Silva Travers, Joe & our own
Mikey, Melanie, Holland, Antonio, Gorgeous, Inca et alia
Reverential thanks & gratitude to: Diva, Ahmet, Dweezil, Moon & Eric
the LUMPY MONEY project/object is #2
in the series of 4tieth Anniversary FZ Audio Documentaries
C P 2008 Zappa Records under exclusive license to the Zappa Family
Trust.  All rights of the Artist, deserved
& conserved, Heirs preserved, & Copyrights Holders reserved.  Frank
Zappa, FZ, Zappa,      , Project/Object,    
Lumpy Gravy & the Mothers are ZFT registered marks.  This is Zappa
Family Archival Matter In Living Ylem.  
All rights reserved.  This is Official Release # 85.  Participate in
Democracy.  Register.  Vote.

It would appear that the Mothermania versions of "Mother People" and
"The Idiot Bastard Son" are not included.

Also, this does not totally render the WOIIFTM/LG two-fer obsolete
because the stereo version of "Oh No" is not included either.  That
is, unless, it is included on "How Did That Get In Here?".

Mike E. 


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