lol, my wish is synclavier-version of soup and old clothes;
favorite song , are you kidding > but yer right ;
lot's of songs to hum ; at the moment ; it's : " heeey , what's new in 
took me an hour to figure-out , what i was humming ;)

From: James Deagle <>
Sent: Wed, 14 July, 2010 21:58:03
Subject: [Zappa-List] Greetings from Ottawa, Canada

Howdy, everyone. 
I joined this group only a few days ago and thought I would introduce myself. 
Hailing from Ottawa , Canada , I am a writer and Frank Zappa fan. Lately I’ve 
been delving heavily into his orchestral work, as I find something new revealed 
to me with each listen. (Overall, he was so prolific and diverse that it takes 
long time for one to really wrap their heads around his musical genius. I was 
first drawn to him by the novelty of some of his more controversial material, 
but now find myself fascinated by the intricate music theory he employed so 
intuitively. ) 

My favorite Zappa melody to hum is Uncle Meat, and my favorite track to 
my wife with driving is Dirty Love. At the top of my wish list would be for a 
rerelease of the original Cruisin’ with Ruben and the Jets album, as opposed to 
the 1985 remix. 

http://jamesdeagle. blogspot. com 


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