I'm ashamed to say I forgot it was on!
Even though I made a note on my calendar 

There is a review of the full weekend on killuglyradio though


Hi to you all! I was wondering if anybody has recorded this weekend's  London 
shows from the streaming? I've tried on saturday but something went wrong and I 
only succeeded in recording the whole audio and missed all but few minutes of 
the video from the ZpZ performance.
On sunday I watched the London Sinfonietta playing Greggery Peccary though and 
I really regretted not having tried to record it, as it was really great!(with 
close ups of the mechanical typewriters played by the percussionists when 
Greggery goes to the sthenographers pool).


On 25 October 2010 00:56, Steve <tribal_d...@live.co.uk> wrote:
Just in case you hadn't heard there are a series of gigs at the Roundhouse to 
celebrate what would have been FZ's 70th birthday.


Just wished I lived close by...or had a lot of disposable cash!!!


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