I have all of what you need. I have to find the black jpegs. For the 
I can xerox my info and get then to you. I am under the weather right now. 
Remaind me tomorrow, and I will find them for you.
 "Music is The Best!"
Frank Zappa
/ `--'( ,,, 
< [] []////////|:::)

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Thanks, Mr. S.
I also found the "Variation Variations" vines for Wild Love and Yo Mama, but I 
can't find the dates of the shows the cuts were taken from.  I can search the 
Yahoo group messages, but does anyone have that information on hand?
thanks for trying, everybody
Joseph in NV

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>I remember (doo-doo) the set, but I just searched my machine, and nada... 
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>> Hello all,
>> I printed inlay cards for this compilation when I got it way back when but 
>>other than Chris' all-black covers (which are only for discs 4-8), I can't 
>>any jpegs for them, and not the ones I got, which were screen captures of 
>>of Bickford's animation.  Does anyone have access to these that could be 
>>uploaded to the files?
>> I recently rediscovered these discs and love all the rare items.  Thanks 
>> again 
>>to the originator(s).
>> Joseph in NV

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