This is the best compilation ever put together by "just a fan" haha....glad you 
kept my artwork too. I really wanted to make them simple. I liked the Memorial 
disc theme. I sure didn't think about the amount of black ink it took to print 
them all out!! I also had the pic my friend took from 11-11-77 KC that I wanted 
to use. Anyway...I love listening to what's on these discs. I hear something 
from them every day or so, cause I put them on an Itunes program here at work 
and shuffle through my Zappa folder, and it always hits a song or 2 from your 
project! Hope you are doing well and everything. I'll be looking for my art 
 "Music is The Best!"
Frank Zappa
/ `--'( ,,, 
< [] []////////|:::)

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1a. Music is the Best jpegs
>   Posted by: "abxer3p" abxer3p
>   Date: Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:01 am ((PDT))
>Hello all,
>I printed inlay cards for this compilation when I got it way back when  but 
>other than Chris' all-black covers (which are only for discs 4-8), I  can't 
>any jpegs for them, and not the ones I got, which were  screen captures of 
>of Bickford's animation.  Does anyone have  access to these that could be 
>uploaded to the files?
>I recently rediscovered these discs and love all the rare items.  Thanks again 
>to the originator(s). 
That would be me.. you're welcome! Glad you're still enjoying it!  :)

Chris - if you can't find the art, let me know. I'm sure I still have it, along 
with all the info.


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