during our set at the beach house
 it was me on drums pink cloud on guitair and wildman fischer singing,  we were 
playing summer time blues
 covering  blue cheer, wildman fischer was singing  merry go round and herb 
cohen zappa's manager recored the set, total insanity, but we were billed that 
night in 68 as wildman fischer, pink cloud & white rabbitt  a fun night of 
music and larry fischer being himself

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We're very saddened to report that rock and roll lost another 
legend yesterday. Larry 'Wild Man' Fischer  passed away yesterday morning 
at UCLA hospital from heart related complications. Larry lived a tough, hard 66 
years of life.

though Larry never did reach the pinnacle of fame and fortune he so yearned 
he was successful in inspiring and influencing people from all over the world 
with his unique brand of music and expression. 

you Larry for your friendship, generosity, and your music.  You were a 
one-of-a-kind talent with a 'one-of-a-kind mind.' There will NEVER be another 
one like you. We miss you already.  

-Josh and Jeremy
Ubin Twinz)

Fischer family is requesting that if you wish to honor Larry's memory please 
make a donation to the National Alliance on Mental 
Illness: http://www.nami.org/

"Like Frank 
Zappa said, I've traveled the world... and there is only one Wild Man Fischer"- 
Larry ע״ה





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