super coooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd have loved to be there too :-O


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If this hasn't been mentioned yet, this is not a Halloween show. Date is 
I was at this show...front row.
A couple of "foggy" memories...
My buddy and I brought along a Varese lp to present to Frank. At the start of 
the show we walked the 10 feet or so to the stage (observing Bald Headed John 
emerge from the shadows towards Frank and us)and handed Frank the disc. I seem 
to recall him reading the cover and saying "Thanks for the album." On one of 
these cd's, at the start of the show (Auspicious Occaision) Frank says "It says 
Uncle Meat. Thanks for this." I don't recall anything about Uncle Meat, but I 
think the "Thanks for this." was directed at my friend and I for the album.
Another memory...
During one of the tunes, Mark was singing off key and I visibly cringed in my 
seat. Mark noticed this and looked at me and mimicked my expression. I made a 
different silly face and he responded in kind. This went on for a few more 
silly faces when I just cracked up and it stopped. He continued performing the 
whole time without missing a singing in key.
I also recall a good portion of the audience Mudsharking up and down the aisles 
of Carnegie Hall.

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> > Hello Jack,
> > I only know of the ZFT selling it for now.
> And as always G and S Music sells it as well:
> best wishes,
> Marco
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