OMG!!---I have so many favorite songs of Frank's---just a few of the many more 
than a small numberare (in no particular order):
Titties & Beer
Florentine Pogen
Zoot Allures
Dancin' Fool
Tears Began to Fall
Pojama People
Who Are the Brain Police?
Inca Roads
Brown Shoes Don't Make It
Mr Green Genes
Peaches en Regalia
Dinah Moe Hum
Zombie Woof
Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel
Frank's cover of 'Happy Together'
Dirty Love......
jeez---I could continue, but the list would be very long, indeed---Frank was/is 
one of my alltime favorite artists & to list my 'fave' tracks just doesn't pay 
the master his due---
John G in Kansas

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  I was being sarcastic, but seriously, what are everyone's top 10 or 15 
favorites? It'd be interesting to see what people from this group consider his 
best material. Mine are (in no order):
  Satumaa (Finnish Tanogo)
  Inca Roads
  Florentine Pogen
  Sinister Footwear II
  Drowning Witch
  Mother People
  Let's Make the Water Turn Black
  The Orange County Lumber Truck
  Frogs With Dirty Little Lips
  Peaches En Regalia
  Brown Shoes Don't Make It
  The Little House I Used to Live In
  Tinsel Town Rebellion
  Pygmy Twylyte


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  > best zappa songs
  > guitar wants top kill your moma. mu
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  > >
  > > Zappa's 5 greatest songs of all time!:
  > > The Clap
  > > Weasels Ripped My Flesh
  > > Ian Underwood Whips it Out
  > > Hot Poop
  > > Nine Types of Industrial Polution
  > >


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