I'm already kicking myself for not picking Son of Mr Green Genes.  :o)


On 23 Jan 2012, at 03:07, duckb...@qis.net wrote:

Like many of you it is difficult to assemble a small list of greatest 
Zappa songs. Sometimes I can listen to Punky's Whips over and over; 
not as much for the lyrics, but for its musical foundation. Willie 
the Pimp (HR) always is captivating, but I also thnk the same thing 
about most live MOI stuff '68-'69, etc.) that I'm lucky to listen to. 
I have on several occasions made some non Zappa friends listen to 
Son Of Mr. Green Genes (HR) telling them that that is the sinlge tune 
that could completely represent Frank if I had to choose only one. So 
that is my all time favorite Zappa song, but after I wake up tomorrow 
I'm sure I'll kick myself for not chossing a different one.

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