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Just had this in from Zappa.com

Hello Boys & Girls,

About 10 Years Ago, shortly after Al Gore invented the internet, we here at 
UMRK, where we feel it is our duty … decided to announce plans for the Roxy 
Performances to be unleashed at last on a wholly suspecting public and others 
besides.  What We Knew Then compared to What We Know Now about what is possible 
is something completely different.  I could romanticize and say that over here 
at the Other Side of the Miracle of Time & Space there is nothing stopping us 
but the Movie Monster.  Every Monster Movie has at least one.  Our Movie 
Monster is THE BUDGET.

Because of the condition the condition was in - no synch, no idea what was 
what, no idea of the actual coverage, no idea of the quality;  all the et 
ceterae that caused FZ to abandon the project completely - it took all this 
time (if you include all the other priorities and distractions) to get to this 
point, so near and yet so far:  All of the footage has now been transferred on 
a best light basis into HD and all camera angles have been "synched" by eye and 
heart and hand and edit to the original Nagra tapes.  We now need to identify 
all usable camera angles and begin the actual edit.  Still, we have miles to go 
in order to bring the best of the possibilities to a screen near you.  And we 
need your help.

We still have a few wrinkles but our irons are hot and the details of our plan 
for the next Official Release is bundled in a unique opportunity to participate 
in a special, social experiment designed to open lots of doors for all Artists 
and their fans everywhere. Participate and You'll be First.  First with your 
own copy of a Soundtrack to The Roxy Performances.  First with your name 
credited in The Roxy Performances, The Movie.  And there are more Firsts.  Stay 

But first, a word from our sponsors.  We'll be back with all the relevant 
details right after the other Mothers' Day.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.



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