Looking good! I've added this response file to the transcript and will
update the attestation repo soon.

I am letting someone see if they can contribute tonight before Alyssa
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On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 4:05 PM, Miguel Angel Marco Buzunariz via
zapps-wg <zapps...@lists.z.cash.foundation> wrote:
> Powers of Tau Operational Write-up
> =============================
> Round: 12
> Date: 2017-11-20
> Name: Miguel Angel Marco Buzunariz
> Location: Spain
> Response: BLAKE2b
> 22fd2b37f794b19dab85cfbb3dd018c8ab7a07e44b34394449ab1b28ed7ef133e8ca0fc77a497670a622dfb1e74e8af57cda01cc9b8614ba65a29a0d64dadadf
> Procedure
> =================
> * Followed the plan written in plancommit.txt (sha256hash
> 8829a8a45363c98ced7d6059e90b9095f875863c78ba8474ea9017e9e9820405), to which I
> commited in the mailing list.
> * Preparation:
>     * Downloaded [Powers of Tau](https://github.com/ebfull/powersoftau) commit
> d47a1d3d1f007063cbcc35f1ab902601a8b3bd91, and compiled it in a gentoo linux
> box with rustc 1.21.0-dev (compiled in the same system). Obtained a `compute`
> binary with sha256hash
> 2603d31c9394ac624a0a3bceb5c9d227f73447dac29c4e2a598dd69590c92cd3
>     * Take the hard drive and wifi card out of an old core2duo laptop with 4GB
> RAM to be used as airgapped node
>     * Download a Linux Mint 18.2 Kde .iso file from its website, and
> (sha256hash 9173901fbead7d2ece2454f8f51dbb375e1dfdfc74cfaef450342a3144955fe1)
> and burn it in six different usb drives.
> * Ceremony
>     * Downloaded the `challenge` file from https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/
> powersoftau/lOg9HOyt0u1cxR0djXfFX1gmwLnU0y56/index.html, checked its
> sha256hash f767da9aa257a15869ead2e2c7b9019f5cbb3ae9454bf9cff2456b0cf73dd36e
>     * Copied the `challenge` file and the `compute` binary to six different 
> usb
> drives.
>     * Chose one of the 6 Linux Mint usb drives at random (rolling a dice) and
> boot the airgapped node with it. Keep the other five untouched.
>     * Chose one of the 6 usb drives with the `challenge` and `compute` files 
> at
> random (dice roll) and insert it in the airgapped machine. Keep the other five
> untouched.
>     * Checked the hash of the `compute` and `challenge`files in the airgapped
> machine, and run `compute`
>     * Inserted the source of entropy: a bunch of random keys, plus the result
> of 50 dice rolls.
>     * Copied the sha256hash of the `response` file (
> d7c3f0f75867bed812e056a7ddef6b7994d2d9b3c658c60cbdd18f1e6a06dacf )
>     * Burnt the `response` file to six different DVD-R
>     * Chose one of the DVD-R at random with a dice, insert it in the network
> node, copied its content to the hard drive and verified the hash. The other 
> five
> were kept untouched.
>     * Uploaded the response file to the [Amazon S3 
> bucket](https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/powersoftau/lOg9HOyt0u1cxR0djXfFX1gmwLnU0y56/index.html)
> Side channel defenses
> =================
> Entropy source: Many keys pressed at random, plus the result of 50 dice rolls.
> Computation took place on an airgapped machine, with no wifi card nor hard
> drive. The media that was used to move information between the compute mode
> was copied in 6 different devices, only one of each (chosen at random with a
> dice) was inserted in the other machine, the other five will be kept untouched
> for several months at least.
> The following material will be kept available for forensic audit in case
> someone is interested in doing it:
> * airgapped machine (will be kept turned off, with no battery and no power
> cable).
> * the six usb drives with the live linux system (the one actually used and the
> other five that didn't gt in touch with the airgapped machine)
> * the six usb drives with the `compute` binary, and the `challenge` file 
> (again
> one was used, and the other five didn't get in contact with the airgapped
> machine)
> * the six DVD-R with the `response` file  (again, one was actually inserted in
> the network node, and the other five never touched it)
> I plan to keep this material for several months. If someone is interested in
> auditing it, please get in touch with me. In case nobody shows interest, I
> might decide to reuse all or part of it at some point.
> Miguel Angel Marco Buzunariz
> Universidad de Zaragoza
> mma...@unizar.es

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