I have finished running Powers of Tau. Here is the output:

The BLAKE2b hash of `./response` is:
d129d960 a645c735 ec52fc80 91f081d1
a6e4ff78 90e4fa55 51faa85e 95e3878a
96bd0c07 8315c0d4 e8e3f1a3 26dbb607
1ea2b43b 844a0d1e 0a3bca5a 8e21c3a5

I'm not a fan of GPG, but I can post a raw Ed25519 signature of ./response,
with Base64 public key:


I have also posted this same public key to Twitter:

The Base64url signature on my response under the aforementioned key is:


I have since destroyed the private key/scalar used to produce this

Tony Arcieri

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