Great! I've verified it and I'm entering it in the transcript now.

It is totally okay if you don't want to use GPG, and this is acceptable.



On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 1:12 PM, Tony Arcieri via zapps-wg
<> wrote:
> I have finished running Powers of Tau. Here is the output:
> The BLAKE2b hash of `./response` is:
> d129d960 a645c735 ec52fc80 91f081d1
> a6e4ff78 90e4fa55 51faa85e 95e3878a
> 96bd0c07 8315c0d4 e8e3f1a3 26dbb607
> 1ea2b43b 844a0d1e 0a3bca5a 8e21c3a5
> I'm not a fan of GPG, but I can post a raw Ed25519 signature of ./response,
> with Base64 public key:
> a7aP6Okqx1YBtRubECVoiY2Z4reR34F9BPuPwTtxpQU
> I have also posted this same public key to Twitter:
> The Base64url signature on my response under the aforementioned key is:
> BkDDl831jxB21rPHX-6pC1REdZ2UoZs_sGuAfCTt8xAP_E-Cva6Qg72fjX8yuMG-ufn3sc4FoAuMKGMT_OGPBQ
> I have since destroyed the private key/scalar used to produce this
> signature.
> --
> Tony Arcieri

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