Thank you so much for expressing your question in Camenisch-Stadler
notation! That makes it very clear what you're going for.

What hash function H do you have in mind, would SHA2 work? Also what group
G do you have in mind, secp256k1?

If so, I do not know of any existing implementation of secp256k1 operations
specifically in libsnark, so that would presumably be the biggest challenge.

On Jan 3, 2018 1:47 PM, "James Prestwich via zapps-wg"
<> wrote:

I'd like to participate in the setup ceremony.

I also have an app I'd like to build using a zk-proof of knowledge of an
ECC private key. {(a) : A = a * G, B = H(a)}. Can anyone point me to good
resources on getting started?

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