Sean sent me a challenge in private communication today, and I uploaded a
response on the same day.

I used the ebfull/powersoftau repo at
d47a1d3d1f007063cbcc35f1ab902601a8b3bd91, using the latest stable Rust

I downloaded the challenge on two separate machines (desktop PC and
laptop), disconnected one of them from the network and ran compute on both.
I flipped a coin and chose one of the resulting hash+response pairs, and
copied it over to a flash drive. I removed the traces from both machines,
rebooted them and ran a Memtest.

I uploaded the response from a third machine, from which I am also sending
this email + tweet.

BLAKE2b hash of response

2012d2bf e638f655 ff971e72 802c18c0
66053d74 1b4ab3d0 8f9b5e57 9381df4e
38150214 72e1a6cd 1818b333 4e165ba4
3e3958bf 3a9006df 2aa599f6 6c6f494c

In place of signing the message, since I came here via #powersoftau:


Reply via email to