This is excellent! I'm so impressed. I've added this to the transcript.



On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 5:54 PM, Filippo Valsorda via zapps-wg
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> The BLAKE2b hash of `./response` is:
>         7b55c0f5 68a8b4df 2ca14085 2e816df2
>         b9a2dafe 50b2c5e2 5e6c9b6a df239de0
>         223a9866 aba481a8 436fbd42 04a2c48a
>         43725d94 2de47b23 c10c5e87 38fd6467
> The main feature of this contribution is that it was computed with an
> independent implementation of Powers of Tau.
> My implementation, which I am open sourcing now at [1], was not public at the
> time of computation. It is written in Go, shares no code with the main Rust
> implementation, and uses the RELIC library for BLS12-381. The only detail that
> was copied verbatim from the Rust codebase is the value of the curve
> coefficient, but that's being resolved at [2]. The Zcash Company sponsored
> this effort, but it was proposed and conducted by me independently.
> The computation was simply performed on my main MacBook Pro, where the code
> was developed. The laptop was rebooted after the computation and before
> re-enabling Wi-Fi and reopening the browser. The git hash of the codebase was
> 26a0231c674ec6043ef77997d33d94787c55634a, the Go version 1.9.2, extra entropy
> was fed to /dev/random before starting.
> The full terminal transcript, and this attestation signed with a 
> minisign/signify
> key published at [3] are attached, and available at [4].
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> -- Filippo Valsorda
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>> _o/
>> I'm ready to go whenever there's a slot.
>> It will probably take me half a day, upload included.

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