On 03/04/18 21:13, Izaak Meckler via zapps-wg wrote:
> Hi all,
> Excited to announce we will be giving a google hangouts talk to the members 
> of the
> zapps-wg list on our OCaml DSL snarky for writing SNARKs. An abstract of the 
> talk and
> details about time and “location” follow.
> *Abstract*: While zk-SNARKs represent one of the most powerful ways to deploy 
> verifiable
> computations, programming directly with is comparable to writing machine code 
> by hand, and
> trusting "SNARK machine code" is a lot like trusting a compiled binary 
> without the source
> code. Over the past few months, O(1) Labs has been developing Snarky, a 
> high-level DSL
> that enables complex applications to be written concisely and correctly. In 
> this talk,
> Izaak will provide an explanation of the programming model and go over 
> examples of the
> developer experience of programming in Snarky.
> ​
> *Time*: 4/20, 5PM GMT <http://airmail.calendar/2018-04-20%2010:00:00%20PDT> 
> (10AM PST
> <http://airmail.calendar/2018-04-03%2010:00:00%20PDT>)

Just to clarify, that is 17:00 UTC / 10:00 PDT?

> *Format*: Google Hangout, at this link: https://meet.google.com/nyo-ifsa-mqm

Looking forward to it!

Daira Hopwood  ⚧Ⓐ

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