On 13/05/12 13:29, Quoc-Viet Nguyen wrote:
> I have just upgraded from zathura to 0.1.2 (from Debian Wheezy
> repository) and I noticed that the using memory is significantly
> increased.

Yes, that's expected. There are more widgets and pages displayed at once so that
takes up more memory. zathura holds pages in memory that have been recently
displayed so that faster scrolling is possible. Pages that haven't been
displayed for some time are purged from the memory.

> A 9-page pdf of text now takes more than 200MB (VSZ in `ps u`)

Please take a look at RSS and SZ. This should give you a better idea how much
memory is used. VSZ is 200 MiB even with no document open so isn't useful here
at all. VSZ stays the same here even if I open a 100 page document here.

> Is it normal in the new version? I see another bug report [1] about
> the excessive memory but it is closed. I'll soon test the development
> version.

Please do so. If you find any memory leaks please report them at 

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