Sebastian Ramacher <> wrote:

> On 28/07/12 13:37, Pierre-Jean wrote:
> > If zathura adds this blue border, could it be possible to
> > add an option to configure this (disable it, or change the
> > color)?
> Have a look at the options named highlight-foo.

Thanks a lot for this reply.

Default color for highlight-color is #9FBC00, and default
color for highlight-active-color is #00BC00. These colors
are used when I'm searching for a string, or when I hit "f".
So, these options doesn't affect the box around links, which
is blue and always present.

Are you sure that zathura draw this blue box?

Last but not least, I tried to change highlight-color and
highlight-active-color, but with no result. My config file
is as follow:

set default-bg #AD3DA1
set highlight-color #AD3DA1

After a speed test, it seems that none of the color options
are working, neither highlight-transparency (which seems to
not understand floating points).

I didn't check all the options, but some are working as
expected, like "recolor".

I'm using zathura 0.2.0, girara-gtk2 0.1.3, and
zathura-pdf-poppler 0.2.0.

I can post a bug report on the appropriate place if needed.

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